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Adult Orthodontics Treatments

Adult orthodontic treatment primarily focuses on improving the alignment and function of your teeth and jaws, while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Unlike treatment for children and teens, adult orthodontics must account for fully developed oral structures and may address long-term issues that were not treated earlier in life.

Do Adults Have a Different Experience?

Adults often have a different experience with orthodontics than teens. They may require longer treatment times, and they may have more treatment options available to them, such as invisible braces for adults or ceramic braces. Also, adults may have a better understanding of the process and are often more committed to following treatment guidelines.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

The length of adult orthodontic treatment can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the type of orthodontic appliance used. On average, treatment may last between 18 months to 3 years, though individual experiences can vary.

Is it Painful or Uncomfortable?

While there might be some initial discomfort when orthodontic appliances are first fitted or adjusted, the discomfort generally subsides quickly. Modern technology and techniques have made orthodontic treatment more comfortable than ever. At Ortho 99 Plus 1, we prioritize your comfort throughout the treatment process.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of adult orthodontic treatment in Jacksonville varies depending on the complexity of the case and the chosen method of treatment. At Ortho 99 Plus 1, we believe in transparent, affordable orthodontics and accept adult orthodontic insurance, making the process easier and more affordable.

Financing Options

Does Insurance Cover Costs?

The short answer is it depends upon your insurance carrier. The good news is we accept a wide variety of insurance carriers at Ortho 99 Plus 1. Head over to our insurance overview page for more details on carriers. And as with everything else about our treatments options, contact us if you have specific questions.

If you’re uninsured or require further assistance after filing an insurance claim, our Ortho 99 Plus 1 team can guide you towards alternative solutions and flexible payment plans, ensuring treatment stays within your budget.

Insurance Page

Why Choose Ortho 99 Plus 1?

Choosing Ortho 99 Plus 1 means opting for quality, experience, and a commitment to affordable care. Dr. McDaniel and our team are dedicated to making orthodontics available to everyone. Whether it’s traditional braces, clear braces, or any other orthodontic services, we ensure that you receive the highest standard of care without breaking the bank.

Dr. McDaniel and his staff have extensive experience in Orthodontics

Always free, no obligation consultations

No down payment, and $99 per month payment options

Same day options

Never any records fees (up to $500 savings)

Get Started Today!

Starting your journey towards a healthier, more beautiful smile is as simple as scheduling a consultation at Ortho 99 Plus 1. For those searching for “adult braces near me,” look no further. Call us or visit our website today to book your first appointment with one of our orthodontists and take the first step towards transforming your smile.

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