Your First Visit

What To Expect During Your Free, No-Obligation Consultation

Embarking on a journey towards the smile of your dreams is exciting, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it! At Ortho 99 Plus 1, we make your first visit — your orthodontic consultation — comfortable, informative, and hassle-free. Let’s walk you through what you can expect.

Before You Arrive

Once you schedule your consultation appointment, you will receive an email to our patient portal where you can complete all necessary paperwork ahead of time. This will speed up your appointment. Please remember to bring a form of ID and your Insurance Card with you to your consultation. This will help streamline the process, ensuring we have all the necessary information from the start.

A Warm Welcome

From the moment you step into our office, our friendly staff will greet you and guide you through the process. We value your time and do our best to ensure your appointment begins promptly. If you haven’t completed it prior to your visit, we’ll provide all the necessary paperwork for you to complete, allowing us to understand your dental history and any concerns you might have.

Free Orthodontic Records

We believe in a thorough understanding of your dental situation before we create your unique treatment plan. Our team will take orthodontic records, including photos and x-rays of your teeth. We offer this service at no extra cost, ensuring we have all necessary information for an accurate evaluation.

Meeting Dr. McDaniel or Dr. McEuen

With your records in hand, you’ll have a personal meeting with one of our skilled orthodontists. This is your time to discuss any concerns, ask questions, and understand what potential treatment options could look like for you. Our orthodontist will explain their findings in detail, using your orthodontic records for clarity. Your understanding and comfort with the treatment plan are paramount to us.

Creating Your Treatment Plan

Orthodontics is a service industry, and at Ortho 99 Plus 1, you’re our priority. We believe in a collaborative approach to create your treatment plan. After discussing potential treatment options, we’ll decide together which is the best fit for your needs and lifestyle.

Reviewing Financial Options

Transparency is key, especially when it comes to financial matters. We’ll conclude your consultation with a detailed review of all financial options available to you. Our team will walk you through our flexible payment plans, insurance acceptance, and answer any questions you may have.

Schedule or Start Treatment

Now your treatment begins by either taking advantage of our same day options or by scheduling your first appointment. With our same day treatment options, you can begin your journey to a perfect smile right away without delay. Alternatively, if you’re in a hurry or prefer to plan ahead, we’ll schedule your first treatment appointment and let our experienced orthodontists guide you through the process.

Why Choose Ortho 99 Plus 1?

Choosing Ortho 99 Plus 1 means opting for quality, experience, and a commitment to affordable care. Dr. McDaniel and our team are dedicated to making orthodontics available to everyone. Whether it’s traditional braces, clear braces, or any other orthodontic services, we ensure that you receive the highest standard of care without breaking the bank.

Dr. McDaniel and his staff have extensive experience in Orthodontics

Always free, no obligation consultations

No down payment, and $99 per month payment options

Same day options

Never any records fees (up to $500 savings)

Get Started Today!

Starting your journey towards a healthier, more beautiful smile is as simple as scheduling a consultation at Ortho 99 Plus 1. For those searching for “braces near me,” look no further. Call us or visit our website today to book your first appointment with one of our orthodontists and take the first step towards transforming your smile.

Schedule your free, no obligation consultation and get on your way to your new smile!

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