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$99 Per Month Braces in Jacksonville, FL

We Mean It: Everyone Should Have A Beautiful Smile Without Worrying If They Can Afford It.

Free consultations. Zero Money Down. $99 per month payment options.

For many individuals and families, the high cost of orthodontic treatments can be daunting, often causing them to hesitate or even forego the vital care they need. At Ortho 99 Plus 1, we are unwavering in our mission to make orthodontic services, like braces, attainable for all who require them. With options such as free consultations, zero down payment, and monthly installments as low as $99, we work with our patients to ensure they don’t have to choose between great care and financial security.

This dedication to affordability also extends into our philanthropic spirit. For every 99 cases we complete, we cover the cost of treatment for a child or adolescent in need. This gesture is our commitment to not only serving, but uplifting our community one smile at a time.

Financing Options

*For more information on financing plans, please refer to the Financing page.

Traditional and Ceramic Braces

Ortho 99 Plus 1 offers a range of effective treatments to help create your perfect smile. Our traditional metal braces offer a reliable, customizable solution to various orthodontic issues. For those seeking a more subtle option, our ceramic braces blend with your natural tooth color. Whether you’re a child, teen, or adult, we have the right solution to align your smile beautifully.

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Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Ortho 99 Plus 1 specializes in revolutionizing smiles with advanced and discreet orthodontic solutions. Our Invisalign treatment provides clear, removable aligners, engineered to align your teeth with ultimate discretion and flexibility. Made to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, these virtually invisible aligners are a cutting-edge solution to various orthodontic issues. Our clear aligners are customizable for everyone - whether you’re a child, teen, or adult. At Ortho 99 Plus 1, we utilize the best of modern orthodontics with Invisalign, ensuring your journey to a perfect smile is as inconspicuous as possible.

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Same-Day Braces

At Ortho 99 Plus 1, we understand that time is valuable. That’s why we offer Same Day Braces - an efficient solution to begin your journey to a perfect smile on your first visit. This service allows us to swiftly move from consultation to treatment, saving you additional appointments. It’s a convenient, effective way to jumpstart your orthodontic journey, aligning your teeth and boosting your confidence sooner. With Same Day Braces, we’re committed to delivering quality orthodontic care that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.

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Ortho 99 Plus 1 provides premium retainer options to ensure your smile remains beautiful and straight post-treatment. We offer both Essix and Hawley retainers, each designed to keep your teeth in their correct positions. The Essix retainer is a transparent, comfortable option that fits perfectly over your teeth, while the Hawley retainer is a durable, adjustable solution made of acrylic and wire. Whichever retainer you choose, you can trust in our commitment to maintaining your perfect smile, long after your braces or Invisalign treatment is complete.

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Surgical Orthodontics

Ortho 99 Plus 1 extends its offerings beyond traditional braces and aligners, providing comprehensive Surgical Orthodontics for more complex cases. These procedures aim to correct jaw misalignments and severe bite irregularities, enhancing not just the appearance of your smile, but also improving function and overall oral health.

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Treatment for Children, Teens and Adults

Ortho 99 Plus 1 caters to every age group, offering customized treatment plans for children, teens, and adults. Our experienced team is skilled in early intervention strategies, like Phase 1 Treatment, where we address developing orthodontic issues in children as young as seven. For teenagers and adults, we provide a range of treatments, from traditional braces to Invisalign, designed to create beautiful smiles at any age. Trust us to deliver personalized, age-appropriate orthodontic care, making your journey to a beautiful smile an enjoyable one.

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The Smiles Speak for Themselves

Uplifting our Community, One Affordable Smile at a Time

Free Treatments and Counting

A Smiling Community is a Happy Community

Personalized Orthodontics Care to Fit Any Budget

At Ortho 99 Plus 1, we believe that everyone is more than just a patient. They are a cherished member of our Jacksonville community. We not only strive to provide highly personalized orthodontic treatment, such as braces and Invisalign, at affordable prices starting as low as $99 per month, but we also focus on making a positive social impact. For every 99 treatments we complete, we gift a life-changing orthodontic treatment to a deserving individual in need.

About Ortho 99 Plus 1

Our Name is Our Promise to You

“So Jesus told them this story: “If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them gets lost, what will he do? Won’t he leave the ninety-nine others in the wilderness and go to search for the one that is lost until he finds it?
Luke 15:3-4

Ortho 99 Plus 1 draws inspiration from the biblical parable about a shepherd’s unwavering dedication to finding a single lost sheep. Every patient is uniquely valued here in our ongoing mission to serve the Jacksonville community with exceptional orthodontic care by tailoring solutions for your orthodontic needs and sharing your joy in achieving the perfect smile.

But more than this, we extend our commitment to giving back. For every 99 treatments completed, we give a free treatment to a child or adolescent in need, ensuring everyone has a chance at a brighter smile. At Ortho 99 Plus 1, you’re not just a patient; you’re ‘the one’ we’re privileged to guide on your smile journey, making your quest ours, and finding your smile together.

Get To Know Dr. McDaniel

A Homegrown Orthodontist Committed to Jacksonville

Born and raised in Florida, Dr. McDaniel realized his dream of becoming an orthodontist after an extensive educational journey, including a Bachelor’s in Chemical Science from FSU, a Master’s in Biomedical Science from Barry University, and a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Nova Southeastern University. Post graduation, he became an orthodontic specialist through his Residency at Jacksonville University.

Outside the office, Dr. McDaniel enjoys outdoor activities with his family - wife Lauren, son Mason, and their goldendoodle, Samson. He is also an active church member, an FSU football enthusiast, and a crossfit devotee. At Ortho 99 Plus 1, his dedication to quality and affordable orthodontic care shines through.

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Get To Know Dr. McEuen

A SoCal Native Bringing His Passion to Jacksonville

Dr. McEuen, originally from Southern California, embarked on a diverse journey that led him to Florida. He balanced academics and football at Brigham Young University before earning his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at Roseman University, Utah. His experience as a general dentist in the U.S. Army inspired his passion for orthodontics, prompting further study at Jacksonville University.

Dr. McEuen is driven by more than just perfecting teeth alignment; he aims to uplift spirits and build patient confidence. Off-duty, he enjoys spending time with his family and coaching local sports teams. Dr. McEuen’s friendly, transformative approach assures excellent patient care and beautiful smiles.

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We have offices conveniently located in Arlington and Bartram Park with our Beach location coming January 2024

Why Choose Ortho 99 Plus 1?

Choosing Ortho 99 Plus 1 means opting for quality, experience, and a commitment to affordable care. Dr. McDaniel and our team are dedicated to making orthodontics available to everyone. Whether it’s traditional braces, clear braces, or any other orthodontic services, we ensure that you receive the highest standard of care without breaking the bank.

Dr. McDaniel and his staff have extensive experience in Orthodontics

Always free, no obligation consultations

No down payment, and $99 per month payment options

Same day options

Never any records fees (up to $500 savings)

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Starting your journey towards a healthier, more beautiful smile is as simple as scheduling a consultation at Ortho 99 Plus 1. For those searching for “braces near me,” look no further. Call us or visit our website today to book your first appointment with one of our orthodontists and take the first step towards transforming your smile.

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